POL 332 American Foreign Policy (Spring 2018)

Welcome to the course! This is a survey of United States foreign policy from the birth of the nation to the present day. We will also need a conceptual framework that will provide tools of analysis so that we may better understand the American policy and its possible sources, evaluate it, and compare it to other possible policies. Accordingly, we will begin with readings on foreign policy theory and then turn to Walter McDougall's histories of American foreign policy.

For the Class of January 24th:

Please read John Ikenberry's "Introduction," which is a review of material that we discuss in the first class, and Ole Holsti's "Models of International Relations and Foreign Policy." Extra copies are in the rack on my office door.

For the next class, please outline in the form described in class and infra Holsti's article. This is a written assignment; please type it and hand it in after discussing it on January 24th as I explained in class. Outline format to follow: outline


Washington's Farewell Address (1796) (Avalon)

Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points (1918) (Avalon)

George Kennan's "Long Telegram" (1946)

George Kennan's "Mr X Article" (1947)

Nitze's NSC 68 Memorandum (1950)

Jimmy Carter's Notre Dame Commencement Address (1977)

Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" (1993)