Topics for Short Papers on the Formation of the Constitution


1. Differences between first and second drafts of the Articles of Confederation: Jose

2. Progression from Mt Vernon conference to Annapolis to Philadelphia: Gavin

3. Disposition of the Western lands issue under the Articles and the 1787 Constitution: Mirian

4. Development of bicameral relationship from Virginia Plan to Final Version: Carolina

5. Development of the National Executive from Virginia Plan to Final Version: Madison

6. Development of the National Judiciary from Virginia Plan to Final Version: Angela

7. Sources and Scope of Commerce Clause: Forrest & Ashley

8. Debate over slavery: effect on electoral representation: Nicholas

9.  Debate over slavery: effect on taxation of the states: James Powers & Yasar

10. Debate over the Council of Revision: James Sprinkle

11. Ratification Debates: Elliott’s Debates (available on Library of Congress website), Vol. II: Mass, NY, PA; Vol. III: VA; Vol. IV: NC, SC: Kay (Massachusetts)