Mexico political vocabulary and notable dates

Political terms

References are to the following: PM is to the textbook by Roderic Camp, Politics in Mexico; CMP refers to the three chapters I handed out from Contemporary Mexican Politics; MPT refers to Wayne Cornelius’s Mexican Politics in Transition. Most of these terms are found in more than one source. I cited sources for each in which the term is explained well.

sexenio (CMP)

dedazo (CMP)

sufragio efectivo, no reelección (CMP, PM, MPT)

camarilla (PM)

corporatism (CMP, PM, MPT)

clientelism (CMP, PM, MPT)

proportional representation (CMP, Malcolmson-Myers Canadian Regime)



separation of power (Class lectures, Canadian Regime)

one-party state, one-party dominant system (PM, MPT)

presidential system (Class lectures, Canadian Regime)

presidentialism, hyper-presidentialism, or presidencialismo (PM, CMP)  

Names, Dates, Events, etc.

peninsulares, criollos, mestizos, natives, blacks, mulattos   (PM)

Benito Júarez (PM)

Porfirio Díaz, Porfiriato (PM)

Madero, Villa, Zapata, Orozco (PM)

Constitution of 1824 (PM, Main Website)

Constitution of 1857 (PM, Main Website)

The Reform War 1858-61 (PM)

Cinco de Mayo 1862 (CLASS!!!)

Mexican Revolution of 1910 (CMP, PM)

Constitution of 1917 (CMP, PM)

Liberals (PM)

Conservatives (PM)

positivism (científicos) (PM)


1968 Tlatelolco massacre (CMP, PM)

technocrats (técnicos v. politicos) (CMP, PM)

NAFTA (NAFTA handout)



Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas (CMP, PM)

Zapatistas (EZLN) (CMP, PM)