New Emergency Notification Absence Policy

In an effort to encourage an atmosphere of personal responsibility among our student body, we have modified our student absence letter policy. The new policy puts the notification responsibility onto the student while also providing those students with serious medical, emotional or personal issues more support.

The new policy is the Emergency Notification Policy. Emergencies are times when it is unreasonable to expect a student to contact his/her instructors to let them know about an absence, such as a student's own hospitalization, death in the family, serious accident or assault. Instead, the student may contact (or have a family member contact) the Office of Student Development to initiate the Emergency Notification process.

In the process, the student will complete a form with the pertinent absence information, submit appropriate documentation and then we will send a letter to the studentís instructors. The Office of Student Development will reach out to the students who have had Emergency Notifications sent to ensure they are doing well, following up with their coursework, and are aware of resources on campus. We will not be sending absence letters for minor illnesses even with a doctor's note or other documentation.

The entire Emergency Notification policy is available online at and can be found in the 2013-2014 Student Handbook on page 31.

Please contact the Office of Student Development if you have further questions.