Outline of Davidson’s “Subcommittee Government”

Intro: Thesis

The Mechanisms of Change

Outside and Inside Forces


The Triumph of Subcommittee Government

Era of Committee Chairmen (1937-1971) (Sundquist)


Revolt against Seniority


Members’ Roles in Subcommittee Government

Roles and Time Budgets


The (Present—70s) Policy-making System

Committee and Subcommittee Work Patterns


Jurisdictional Politic


Multi-Party Politics








Outline of Rieselbach’s “Assessing Congressional Change”

Intro: Thesis

Change and Reform in the 70s

Sunshine Reforms (accountability)


Reforms for Institutional Power: Challenging the Executive


Reforms for Internal Efficiency: Centralizing Congress


Reforms for Internal Influence: Democratizing (decentralizing) Congress


Other Congressional Change: New Members and New Issues



Change, Reform, and Congressional Performance

A More Accountable Congress?


An Institutionally More Powerful Congress


A More Effective (Centralized) Congress?


A More Democratized (De-centralized) Congress?


Conclusion: Results of Reform

Epilogue: Change, Reform, and Reagan