Assignments for POL 421, Independent Study of the Philosophy of Eric Voegelin (Summer 2020)

Terms and Topics for Assigned Readings

Chapter 17 of Autobiographical Reflections

Introduction to New Science of Politics

Chapter 1 of New Science of Politics

Chapter 2 of New Science of Politics

Writing Tips

Recommended Texts:

Gerhart Niemeyer, Aftersight and Foresight: Selected Essays, University Press if America/Intercollegiate Studies Institute: 1988. ISBN 0-8191-6841-6

Gerhart Niemeyer, Within and Above Ourselves: Essays in Political Analysis, Wilmington, DE: Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 1996. ISBN 1-882926-11-0

Norman Cohn, The Pursuit of the Millennium, rev.ed., New York: Oxford University Press, 1970. ISBN 0-19-500456-6.

Henri Frankfort et al, Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man, University of Chicago Press, 1946

Bruno Snell, The Discovery of the Mind, Dover.