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February 4, 2020












When using footnotes, always place them at the end of the sentence.[1] You should have four or five footnotes in this one-page paper.[2] If you use any translation other than the assigned translation by Adams, you must so indicate.[3] Subsequent references to the same source are indicated by the use of Ibid.[4]

As I indicated in class, the first sentence of your paper should begin this way:

Leo Strauss in Thoughts on Machiavelli said . . . .

[1] Leo Strauss, Thoughts on Machiavelli, 3. [Cite passages in Strauss by page number.]

[2] Machiavelli, The Prince, ch. 17. [Cite passages in The Prince by chapter, not page number]

[3] Machiavelli, The Prince, ch. 17 (Marriott trans.).

[4] Ibid. [or, for example, Ibid., ch. 18.]