Study Questions for Book Nineteen of St. Augustine's City of God


1. What is St. Augustine's main objection to the pagan Varro's conception of the supreme good?


2.  What is St. Augustine's view of human life? of the human condition?


3. Explain St. Augustine's conception of the "four circles." What are the four? What does he mean by "circle"?


4. .According to St. Augustine, what is the supreme human good?


5. What does St. Augustine mean by "peace"? How is peace related to order?


6. How are peace and order related to nature?


7. What is the nature of man?


8. What is the "order of nature" that St. Augustine discusses?


9. What is the proper understanding of a Christian's life on earth?


10. What is "true wisdom"?


11. What was Cicero's concept of a republic? What was Porphyry's conception of a "people"? What is St. Augustine's criticism of Cicero's view? of Porphyry's?


12. According to St. Augustine, in what do true virtues consist?


13. What is St. Augustine's view of peace on earth?