Dec/Arg     Name of Case (2005 Term) Disp L.Ct. Cn S/P/J Cr St So Gi Br Ke O'C Ro Sc Th Total
1 11-8/10-3 IBP, Inc. v. Alvarez--FLSA; work week                               2 ARR 9 S X x x x x x x x x 9 to 0
2 11-8/10-12 U.S. v. Olson--FTCA, 28:1346, mine inspectors lia     (D) VR 9 S x x x X x x x x x 9 to 0
3 11-14/10-5 Schaffer v. Weast--IDEA, 20:1400, bur of persuasion A  4 S/P C x D D x X NP x x 6 to 2
4 11-29/10-11 Lincoln Prop. v. Roche--28:1441, removal stat          (SJ) RR 4 S x x X x x x x x x 9 to 0
5 12-6/10-3 Wagnon v. Prairie Band Pota.--tax, Indian law           (SJ) R  10 I x x D x D x x x X 7 to 2
6 12-7/11-8 Martin v. Franklin Capital--28:1447(c) removal           (D) A 10 S/P x x x x x x X x x 9 to 0
7 12-7/11-2 Lockhart v. U.S.--So.Sec., debt offset                            (D) A 9 S x x x x x X x C x 9 to 0
8 1-10/11-9 U.S. v. Georgia et al--Title 2 of ADA, 11thA              (SJ) 2 RR 11 x C x C x x x x X x 9 to 0
9 1-10/10-31 Volvo Trucks v. Reeder-Simco--15:13 not applicable RR 8 S D x X x x x x x D 7 to 2
10 1-10/11-9 Evans v. Chavis--AEDPA, timely filing    (hc) RR 9 S x CJ x x X x x x x x (8+1) to 0
11 1-11/10-11 Brown v. Sanders--cap.pun. Furman (hc) RR 9 x x D D D D x x x X x 5 to 4
12 1-17/10-5 Gonzales v. Oregon--CSA, 21:829a, suicide law A 9 S x x x x X x D D D 6 to 3
13 1-17/11-28 Wachovia Bank v. Schmidt--28:1332, 1348                  (D) RR 4 S/J x x X x x x x x NP 8 to 0
14 1-18/11-30 Ayotte v. Planned Parent--validity per se v. as applied VR 1 x P x x x x x X x x x 9 to 0
15 1-18/12-5 Rice v. Collins--perempted juror, AEDPA stds  (hc) RR 9 S x x C x C X x x x x 9 to 0
16 1-18/11-28 Will v. Hallock--collateral order doctrine, appeals        (D) VR 2 P x X x x x x x x x 9 to 0
17 1-23/10-31 CentVaComColl v. Katz--Bankruptcy, state sover         (D) A 6 x X x x x D x D D D 5 to 4
18 1-23/11-2 Unitherm v. Swift-Eckrich--FRCP 50, circuit rules R FC P D x x x D x x x X 7 to 2
19 1-23/NA Alaska v. United States--title to submerged lands Decree Orig. NP
20 2-21/11-1 Gonzales v. O Centro--RFRA AR  10 S/P x x x x x Al-NP X x x 8 to 0
21 2-21/11-29 Buckeye Chk v. Cardegna--binding arb. agree. RR SCtFla S x x x x x NP x X D 7 to 1
22 2-22/12-6 Domino's v. McDonald--42:1981, contract rights       (D) R 9 S x x x x x NP x X x 8 to 0
23 2-22/11-7 Dolan v. USPS--FTCA (39:409c), neglig.deliv.            (D) RR 3 S x x x x X NP x x D 7 to 1
24 2-22/1-11 Arbaugh v. Y&H Corp (Moonlight Café)--T VII numerosity RR 5 S/J x x X x x NP x x x 8 to 0
25 2-22/12-7 Oregon v. Guzek--evidence in sentencing, state rules VR SCtOre x J x x x x X x NP x CJ CJ (6+2) to 0
26 2-28/1-10 Texaco v. Dagher--price-fixing, Sherman Act          2   (SJ) R 9 S x x x x x NP x x X 8 to 0
27 2-28/11-30 Scheidler v. N.O.W.--civil RICO, Hobbs Act                   2 RR 7 S x x x X x NP x x x 8 to 0
28 3-1/11-29 Illinois Tool v. Ind. Ink--patent law, illegal "tying"         (SJ) VR FC S x x x x x NP X x x 8 to 0
29 3-6/12-6 Rumsfeld v. FAIR, Inc.--Solomon Amdt (10:983), 1st A RR 3 x x x x x x NP X x x 8 to 0
30 3-21/1-18 Merrill Lynch v. Dabit--SLUSA (15:78bb) preemp         D VR 2 S/J X x x x x NP x x x 8 to 0
Dec/Arg     Name of Case Disp L.Ct. Cn S/P/J Cr St So Gi Br Ke Al Ro Sc Th Total
31 3-21/1-18 U.S. v. Grubbs--4th A anticipatory search warr   supp RR 9 x x CCJ CCJ CCJ x x NP x X x (5+3) to 0
32 3-22/11-8 Georgia v. Randolph--4th A, consent by only 1    supp A SCtGa x x C X x C x NP D D D 5 to 3
33 3-27/no Ariz. V. Cal.--water rights, Indian reservations Decree Orig
34 4-25/3-1 North.Ins. V. Chatham Cnty.--11th A, arm-of-state   (SJ) R 11 x x x x x x x x x X 9 to 0
35 4-25/2-27 Day v. McDonough--AEDPA, miscalculated S/L, (hc) A 11 S x D x X D x x x D D 5 to 4
36 4-26/1-17 Jones v. Flowers--DP, state tax sale notice    (SJ) RR SCtArk x x x x x D NP X D D 5 to 3
37 4-26/1-10 Hartman v. Moore--Bivens, retaliatory prosecution  (SJ) RR D.C. x x X D D x NP NP x x 5 to 2
38 5-1/2-27 Ark.DHS v. Ahlborn--Medicaid, state 3d party lia rule (SJ) A 8 S X x x x x x x x x 9 to 0
39 5-1/2-28 Marshall v. Marshall--fed.ct. probate exception RR 9 J CCJ x X x x x x x x (8+1) to 0
40 5-1/2-22 Holmes v. S.C.--DP, evid rule barring evid of 3d party glt VR SCtSC x x x x x x x X x x x 9 to 0
41 5-15/3-1 DaimlerChry. v. Cuno--mun./state tax,CC, standing   2 VR 6 x P x x CCJ x x x X x x (8+1) to 0
42 5-15/3-28 Sereboff v. MidAtlantic--ERISA, 502(a)(3)3d party recovery A 4 S x x x x x x X x x 9 to 0
43 5-15/2-21 Warren v. Maine BEP--FERC, dam licence, state reg A SCtMe S x X x x x x x x* x 9 to 0
44 5-15/3-29 eBay v. Mercexchange--patent, perm injunction test VR FC P C C C C C x C C X 9 to 0
45 5-22/4-24 Brigham City v. Stuart--4th A, warrantless entry RR SCtUt x x C x x x x x X x x 9 to 0
46 5-30/3-21 Garcetti v. Ceballos--1st A, public ee speech;  rearg (SJ) RR 9 x D D D D X x x x x 5 to 4
47 6-5/3-27 Anza v. Ideal Steel Supply--RICO, tax scheme    (D) RVR 2 S x x x C,D X x x C C,D 7 to 2
48 6-5/4-18 Zedner v. U.S.--Speedy Trial Act, continuances        IFP RR 2 x x x x x x X x CCJ x (8+1) to 0
49 6-12/1-11 House v. Bell--actual innocence except  (hc)             IFP RR 6 S x x x x x X NP CJ,D CJ,D CJ,D 5 to 3
50 6-12/4-26 Hill v. McDonough--cap pun, 1983 lethal inj               IFP RR 11 S x x x x x X x x x x 9 to 0
51 6-15/5-18      Hudson v. Michigan--4th A, knock-and-announce rearg A CtAppMich x x D D D D CCJ x x X x (4+1) to 4
52 6-15/4-24 Kircher v. Putnam Funds--15:77p(b), want of preclusion VR 7 S/J x X x x x x x CCJ x (8+1) to 0
53 6-15/3-21 Howard Deliv. V. Zurich Ins--11:507 bankrupt priorities RR 4 S x D X x D D x x x 6 to 3
54 6-15/4-25 Empire Healthchoice v. McVeigh--fed ee ins tort action D A 2 S x D X D D D x x x 5 to 4
55 6-19/2-21 Rapanos v. U.S.--Clean Water Act, "wetlands               2   VR 6 S D D D D CJ x C X x (4+1) to 4
56 6-19/3-20 Davis v. Washington State--6th A, 911 call info    IFP   2 A, SCtWA x x x x x x x x x X CJ,D 8 to 1
57 6-19/2-22 Samson v. Calif.--4th A parolee waiver upheld    IFP A CtAppCa x x D D x D x x x x X 6 to 3
58 6-22/4-25 Dixon v. U.S.--DP, 18:922(n), duress instruction BoP IFP A 5 x x X D x D C C x C x 7 to 2
59 6-22/3-22 Fernandez-Vargas v. Gonzalez--INA, IIRIRa §241(a)(5) A 10 S D X x x x x x x x 8 to 1
60 6-22/4-17 Burlington Northern v. White--Title VII retaliation  A 6 S x x x X x CJ x x x (8+1) to 0